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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please contact the 24 hour hotline or Artemis House to discuss: 24 hour hotline/helpline: 703-360-7273, TTY: 703-435-1235 Artemis House: 703-435-4940 

Artemis House is Fairfax County’s only emergency shelter for families and individuals fleeing domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking. Artemis House provides crisis intervention and temporary housing in apartment-style units in an undisclosed “safe-house.” Safety planning, immediate basic needs assistance and comprehensive service planning is available for preparation for a transition to more permanent and stable housing. Artemis House has 24-hour staff coverage to respond to crisis calls and to screen clients to determine their level of danger. Artemis House provides intensive case management services, individual and group counseling, employment assistance and children’s programs.

Domestic/intimate partner violence creates tension, fear and uncertainty for all family members. The staff at Artemis House understands domestic violence is a learned behavior. They strive to provide a safe and stable home-like environment where mutual respect and constructive problem-solving skills are modeled. The shelter offers counseling, education and support services designed not only to deal with the immediate crisis, but also for the longer term, by assisting in breaking the cycle of violence in this generation and the next.

Additionally, the shelter staff is particularly concerned with addressing the needs of the children who come to the shelter. Weekly children’s groups and a reading group provide an opportunity to discuss domestic violence and offer emotional support to all resident children while also aiding in their development. Depending on the particular needs of each child, a referral may be made to a child-specific counseling service. School transfers are also facilitated and a liaison with the school is established if necessary.

Adults' Programs  Children's Programs 
 Domestic Violence Discussion Groups  Medical Services (Fairfax County Health Department)
 Employment Specialist  Professional Counseling Services (Fairfax County)
 Housing Specialist  Reading Program
 Legal Education  
 Medical Services (Fairfax County Health Department)  
 Professional Counseling Services (Fairfax County Mental Health)  
 Supportive Individual/Group Counseling   
> 1 in 4 of our residents has experienced domestic violence.